10 Examples of Dry Texting and How to Prevent Them (2023)

Dry texting.

What it exactly means can be a bit confusing.

That’s why you’re going to get 10 examples of dry texting and how to prevent them.

Plus, you get:

  • Why someone dry texts (and how to KNOW if it’s your fault or not)
  • #1 Way to stop getting dry texts
  • How to deal with dry texts from your crush, the person you’re dating, or your partner
  • Best way to stop dry texting and to become more attractive over text
  • 13 Texting principles that will instantly make you stand out from the rest

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What is dry texting?

What in TextGod’s name is dry texting?

Well, it’s when you use all your brainpower to write a great text. Review it and punch it up. Hit send. And finally get this reply two days later:

Haha lol

Or even worse:


The definition of dry texting is when someone is responding with short, boring and meaningless texts.

There’s multiple reasons for this behavior. We’ll get into that soon!

But first:

I know dry texts infuriate some of you, because hundreds of men in my inbox keep reminding me.

How the hell do you respond to ‘Okay’ or ‘haha’? Come on!

And to be fair, it is annoying.

But you might be responsible, and luckily, there are ways to fix this!

By the way, dry texting doesn’t always have to be one syllable.

Here’s some examples.

What does dry texting look like?

Here are 10 quick examples of dry texts.

  1. haha
  2. lmao
  3. lol
  4. sure
  5. yes/ya/yep/yeah/yea
  6. no/nah/nope
  7. mmhm
  8. okay/kay/k
  9. you?/u?
  10. thanks/thx

And to be clear, dry texting doesn’t have to be just one short answer.

It could also be a couple short answers sent in a row.

Just like in the conversation that you’ll see in a moment.

Why does someone dry text?

There are LOTS of reasons why someone dry texts.

And one of them could be you.


But it doesn’t have to be your fault.

Let’s look at what can motivate someone to send dry texts.

  • They’re busy. They see your text notification and answer you with what little time they have available
  • They’re tired and not motivated to give you a good/fun answer
  • They’re not in a good mood (perhaps even ill)

And lastly…

It could be something you did.

Which didn’t have to be a bad thing necessarily.

Maybe your last few texts were difficult to reply to.

A mistake that’s easily made and easily to overcome.

A blunder that’s not as easy to overcome is this…

you sent boring or insensitive texts and have lost her interest.

The only reason she’s replying now is because she’s too polite to reject you.

So she’s sending you dry texts in hopes that you get the hint.

10 Examples of Dry Texting and How to Prevent Them (1)

The trouble is, how do you know you blew it or if she’s busy?

Let’s discuss that in the next tip.

How do you know if he/she is uninterested or just a dry texter?

You’re about to find out if the dry texts you’ve been getting are your fault or out of your control.

With emotions running high I’ll cut right to the chase.

How do you know if you messed up and ruined your chances?


Look at the texting patterns and signals of interest.

Are the dry texts reasonably rare or the standard way of communicating?

If the other person sends you dry texts occasionally, you’re probably good. Those dry texts were probably a result of being busy.

Has your love interest only been sending you dry texts for the past few days? Then she’s probably lost interest because of something you did or said.

Although she may still be interested.

The BEST way to know if she’s still interested in you is if she’s looking forward to seeing you.

For instance, if you’ve already made plans to see her and the date is 4+ days away, it’s quite natural for the conversation to slow down.

After all, texting is mainly for making plans to meet up. Not mindless chit chat.

Long story short:

(Video) 3 SECRETS To AVOID DRY Text Conversations \\ How To Text and How Flirt With A Girl Over Text

If she’s not giving you any clear signals of interest, she’s likely dry texting you because she’s too polite to reject you.

And she’s hoping you can read between the lines and leave her alone.

Do you have trouble recognizing if someone likes you over text? Then check out my article which that will show you exactly what to look for:

  • 19 Signs that tell if someone likes you over text

Next up, tips on how to STOP getting dry texts from people you just met, people you’re dating, or your partner.

How to stop getting dry texts

You’re about to see a conversation from a friend of mine that perfectly showcases dry texting.

She just matched a dude on Tinder who was less than amazing.

So she showed her disinterest by sending dry texts.

Have a look for yourself.

10 Examples of Dry Texting and How to Prevent Them (2)

I know I said that dry texting was infuriating and bad.

But there’s always two sides to a story. And in this case I think the dry texts were more than deserved.

As you can hopefully tell from the above screenshot, our guy in grey was not doing a great job of being flirty or fun.

Right off the bat, the guy sets himself up for failure.

Besides giving my friend a terrible dilemma to choose from, he makes it incredibly easy for her to answer with a dry text

So she does.

How does he try to fix it?

By asking her a Yes/No question!

So she replies with another dry text.

Then he follows it up with another Yes/No question so she again responds with a dry text!

You get the idea.

Here’s what I’d like you to take away from this conversation:

Asking questions that can be answered in one syllable will likely lead to one syllable answers.

So don’t ask these ‘closed’ types of questions!

Whenever you ask a question, make sure it’s an ‘open’ question that can only be answered by a string of words. If you keep your questions open, the odds of getting a dry text is very small.

Here are some articles with open questions girls love to answer:

  • 100+ Tinder questions that actually work
  • 70+ Questions to ask your crush over text

Are you dating or in a relationship and getting dry texts?

Then the next tip is for you.

(Video) 3 SECRETS to AVOID DRY Text Conversations

Someone you’re dating starts to dry text, what now?

Getting dry texts in the dating phase can be really confusing.

Suppose you’ve been seeing a girl for a few weeks.

Every time you hang out in person feels fantastic.

There’s a lot of physical attraction and the chemistry is good.

But there’s just one problem.

Your text conversation has died and you feel like you can’t hold her attention.

Which feels incredibly strange, because when you first started dating you texted back and forth all day.

And now you barely get more than a couple texts a day.

What’s going on?

I get asked about similar experiences from clients and people in the TextGod Mentoring Program on the regular and the answer is…


If you feel fireworks every time you’re with her, there is no problem.

Maybe she’s just not the type that enjoys texting. Especially if she already sees you once every few days.

So it could be that she just has nothing to say. Or that she prefers to say it in real life.

Here’s what I recommend you do: stop trying to nurture your relationship via text.

That’s what dates are for.

Mainly use texting to set up dates or to check in on her during special occasions. Like if she has a job interview or presentation at work.

Can’t shake the feeling that she’s losing interest in you because of the dry texts?

Ask her (in person) how she feels about texting and remove all your doubts.

How to deal with dry texts in a relationship

We’ve all been there and got the dreaded text that gives us a mini heart-attack.


This lonely uncapitalized letter says more than an entire paragraph.

Which is code for: I’m. Mad. At. You.

At least, that’s what we think when we read it.

It’s, of course, incredibly difficult to know what a text exactly means without seeing the person’s face before they send it.

A text has no tone of voice so a lot of important signals get lost.

(Video) 7 Secrets to Flirt With Any Girl Over Text (Avoid Dry Texting)

So what do you do?

Firstly, you don’t assume ANYTHING.

You have NO idea what’s going on.

Sure, you may have done something wrong. But maybe your girlfriend is going through some difficult stuff right now and isn’t in the mood to text.

The best indicator if she’s mad at you is her real life behavior.

Is everything in real life hunky-dory?

Then there’s probably nothing to worry about. She probably sent you a few dry texts because she’s busy but still wanted to be polite and answer you back quickly.

Can’t shake the feeling something is wrong?

Talk to her about it in person.

If you’re getting along great whenever you’re together, then she’ll likely have no problem telling you why she sent you a few dry texts.

How to not be so dry when texting / stop getting dry texts

If you’re getting a lot of dry texts from women, then I have some good news and bad news for you.

The bad news: if almost every female sends you dry texts, you’re obviously doing something wrong.

The good news: it’s probably easily remedied…

…unless you’re a first-rate a-hole. But that’s unlikely, because a-holes don’t have the stones to think they’re doing something stupid in the first place.

Anyway, if you’re getting lots of dry-texts, you’re probably showing unattractive behavior over text.

In fact, you may be a dry texter.

Here’s how you stop that and get way better conversations:

  • Avoid one-word answers
  • Stop asking closed Yes/No questions
  • Don’t answer texts at the same time every day (be a bit unpredictable)
  • Change between asking questions and telling short anecdotes
  • Switch up your text length and the amount of texts you send at once
  • Don’t just talk about yourself but show interest in her and vice versa

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, tease, flirt and joke with her!

Here’s an article to help you out:

  • How to tease a girl over text (+10 examples)

To get WAY better convos and get women attracted to you over text, check out this 5-minute video of mine.

I guarantee you’ll get much better conversations, with lots more flirting:

And one last gift before we wrap up today’s article on dry texting:

The 10 Texts That Always Work.

Whether you want better reactions or a non-needy way to ask her out, the free 10 Texts have exactly what you need.


Louis Farfields

(Video) How To Stop Having Dry Conversations Over Text That Get You Nowhere

And don't forget your download below ;)


What is an example of dry texting? ›

Repeatedly sending one-word answers. Keeping conversation short and not asking more questions or engaging you in conversation. Ignoring or glossing over photos, links, or memes that you send. Never texting you first and/or never starting conversations.

What are things dry texters say? ›

“Okay”, “Cool”, “LOL” or any one-word replies confirm that someone is 'A Dry Texter'. No matter how exciting things you share or question you ask, their answers hardly go beyond one or at most two words max.

What causes dry texting? ›

Some dry texters are socially anxious. Some are trying to tell you they aren't interested. Some are just straightforward. Others prefer talking in person.

What does dry answer mean? ›

indifferent; cold; unemotional: a dry answer.

How do you text a girl who replies with one-word? ›

Let her know that you're thinking about her.

Mention something that reminds you of her or let her know she's on your mind. There are a couple great ways to do this—you can wait a few hours and then tell her she's on your mind, like you're opening a brand new chat and ditching her one-word response.

How can I improve my texting skills? ›

This guide to texting addresses the basics—write clearly; be yourself; be direct; double-check your text; follow up if you don't hear back; be careful with spell check and dictating; write out words, not emojis; and respond promptly.

Is dry texting a red flag? ›

1. Dry texter— nobody likes one-word replies. If your only means of communication is texting, you would want it to be exciting and stimulating. However, if your new interest doesn't show any curiosity in making the conversation more lively and fun— they are probably not worth your time.

What is cold texting? ›

What is cold texting? Cold texting is reaching out via SMS to a contact without their prior consent or permission. It's similar to cold calling and cold emailing. Some examples that would lead to cold texting include: Purchasing a contact list from a third party.

How to be alpha male texting? ›

Ten Alpha M. Texting Rules
  1. Grammar and spelling matter — no excuses!
  2. Don't assume she knows who you are — start the conversation by reminding her who you are.
  3. Self deprecating humor — don't make yourself look bad or bring yourself down.
  4. Use emojis but not too many of them — dudes that use emojis get more action.

What does wet texting mean? ›

"Write Everything Twice" is yet another common definition for WET. WET. Definition: Write Everything Twice.


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